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Impacted Canine Exposure

The canine teeth, also called the maxillary cuspids or “eyeteeth”, are typically the last front teeth to erupt in the mouth, usually around age 13. As with wisdom teeth, there is often not enough space for them to erupt, causing them to become impacted. sin embargo, unlike wisdom teeth, the canines are far too essential to good aesthetics and function in the mouth to simply extractinstead, we must “coaxthem into position.

Aesthetics and Function

Your canines are vitally important to your smile and your bite:

  • Aesthetics: The canine teeth are the cornerstones of the arch. Without them, the smile sinks and the lips look thinner.
  • Function: The canines are extremely strong and have the longest roots of any teeth. Without them, other teeth in the mouth are forced to work unusually hard, causing damage over time. El diente canino es un diente crítico en la arcada dental y juega un papel importante en su mordida. Están diseñados para ser los primeros dientes que toca cuando sus mandíbulas se cierran juntos para que guíen el resto de los dientes en la mordida perfecta.

Early Screening is Key

Children should be screened by an orthodontist first at age 7 to monitor the development of teeth, including the eyeteeth. By checking in early, you may be able to avoid extensive oral surgery down the road. If it seems likely that the canines are going to become impacted, we may be able to remove baby teeth in the area to ensure adequate space for canine development. As you can see here, the treatment for impacted teeth gets more complicated as time goes on:

  • 11-12 year olds: At this stage, we are able to preemptively make space for the canines, ensuring a good chance for successful eruption.
  • 13-14 year olds: Even if we clear space for the canines, they will likely need to be “pulled downinto place with braces.
  • 15 años +: As time goes on, the impacted tooth will fuse into position and the only remedy will be extraction and restoration.
  • Complications of untreated impacted teeth include the loss of neighboring tooth roots and cystic lesions.

Impacted Canine Surgery

Para la mayoría de los pacientes, se realiza con el uso de gas de la risa y anestesia local. En casos seleccionados se puede realizar bajo i.v.. sedación si el paciente desea estar dormido, pero esto generalmente no es necesario para este procedimiento.

The surgery to expose impacted canines takes just about 45 minutos. Si el procedimiento sólo requiere exponer el diente sin horquillado, the time required will be shortened.

During the surgery, the crown of the tooth is uncovered. Depending on the severity of impaction, we may attach a bracket and gold chain to the tooth to “pullit into place, or we may simply apply a dressing and let it find its own way. Since your canine teeth have the longest roots, it will take many months for the tooth to fully be guided into place.

After Surgery

Usted puede esperar una cantidad limitada de sangrado de los sitios quirúrgicos después de la cirugía. Aunque habrá algunas molestias después de la cirugía en los sitios quirúrgicos, la mayoría de los pacientes encuentran Tylenol o Advil a ser más que suficiente para controlar el dolor que pueden tener. Dentro 2-3 días después de la cirugía por lo general hay poca necesidad de ningún medicamento en absoluto.

Puede haber algo de inflamación de la celebración del labio hasta visualizar el sitio quirúrgico; que puede reducirse al mínimo mediante la aplicación de bolsas de hielo para el labio de la tarde después de la cirugía. Hematomas no es un hallazgo común en todos después de estos casos.

Una suave, dieta blanda se recomienda en un primer momento, pero puede reanudar su dieta normal tan pronto como se sienta cómodo mascar. Se recomienda que evite los alimentos afilados como las galletas saladas y chips, ya que puede irritar el sitio quirúrgico si jab la herida durante la cicatrización inicial.

It is important to maintain good dental hygiene as part of your home care practice.

We will schedule a follow up appointment about a week after surgery to check on your healing. Should you have any concerns about the status of your healing, please don’t hesitate to call Winchester Oral Surgery Center at Winchester Oficina Número de teléfono 540-504-7300 office.

It is always recommended to come in for a consultation to discuss the best treatment with one of our doctor’s where they can go into more detail about the procedure and answer any questions you may have.