Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Best place to go if you have a dental phobia. The experience is outstanding from start to finish. The staff are very professional and courteous, always smiling and you will find out it is not just a show when you finally meet the doctors, who have great personalities and a comforting demeanor. The waiting room is a spa - beautiful, never seen a waiting room like that, and the procedure room is also outstanding, no clutter. I got my wisdom tooth extracted and I kid-you-not- i would let them take them all out, all this coming from someone with the worst dental phobia in the "world". I felt no pain, this is the epitome of pain free dentistry. Then i got a call personally from the surgeon, Dr. Starley, to see how i am doing. All in all, they live up to their company's slogan, "Personalized Care, Surgical Excellence. I think they should emphasize the spa dental treatment. I highly recommend this company. Did i say i drove over an hour for this extraction, never heard of them before, but I prayed as i was so scared and God delivered!

- Georgia R

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