Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Coviello was an Angel sent from Heaven!!!! I had gotten bitten in the face by a dog and my whole chin was completely hanging off my face, I was terrified thought I'd never look the same and let's face it being a woman no one wants their face to be messed up. I was sent to Winchester, VA ER Where Dr. Coviello was called in to perform my surgery, I was so scared and freaked out, but he was very comforting telling me he would do his very best to fix my face, he was so kind..I was very fortunate to have had him to perform my surgery, It's now been about a year and half and my face has healed so very good, very minimal scarring on my face but I also followed his directions very closely and kept the wound clean. Once it healed up(no open wound), I kept mederma on it 2x's a day. I will be returning to get the microdermabrasion done to try and get rid of the scar permanently. I just wanted to give credit to the Dr who saved my life literally bc this not only scarred my face but it has scarred me emotionally and thank god for his godly hands or my face would be all messed up!! Thank You So Very Much Dr. Coviello I will be forever grateful for your work!!! I'll be seeing you soon to get the final procedure done..


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